Dancing with the Stars


The past few days have been a whirlwind.

Today started off probably the worst I’ve ever experienced in Thailand. I woke up and the room was very dark because I’d closed my blinds. I grabbed my towel and left, all in the dark, to go to the shower adjacent to my room. When I returned, I finally turned on the light only to find none other than a HUGE COCKROACH in the middle of my floor!! I have not seen any roaches at my guesthouse nor have I ever had problems with bugs in my room so this was a great surprise to me. Not only that, he was on his back and there was brown stuff around him, as if he’d been squished. He desperately flailed his legs, trying to get up. Which of course just served to completely freak me out. I told the management and he sent a housekeeper who PICKED HIM UP BY HAND. At this point I was screaming, which was very amusing to everyone who saw the situation… by the time I finally calmed myself and got outside, Htet Naing Oo, another teacher at Love & Care was waiting to pick me up…

I am now an official teacher at Love & Care School! My name is on the schedule and everything! Image

I am teaching a little bit of everything.. Human Biology for grades 11 and 12, English for Grade 12 and Reading for Grade 10, I teach Algebra in grade 11 and I teach West African dance for all three grades! Lot of work for both me and the students, but it has been a wonderful experience as of yet. I feel great teaching… it reminds me of when I was a young student myself and I always loved reading out loud and writing on the board. I was grateful for every opportunity to participate, and many of these students are too, though their participation is different. I see now why we are required to raise hands… here they all shout the answer at the same time and I never understand anything that way! So far the most successful class has been dance, everyone loves to dance!


Pictured above: Dance class with Grade 10, learning a dance called Lamban done in Mali, Senegal, and Gambia to celebrate royalty and the griots (storytellers).


Pictured above: Biology Class with Grade 11 Learning about the Skeletal system by labeling their classmates!

Today Sia (Teacher) Thant Zin came back from Burma and came to visit the school with Jose, the main donor for Heavenly Home and Love & Care Schools. It was great to see them as usual! Everyone is also anticipating the arrival of my partner, Tenzin.

I told Thant Zin about my ordeal today with the roach and he said:

“I’ve heard about people who are afraid of bugs on television, but I’ve never met one!”

LMAO. Well, here I am. I am absolutely terrified by any small thing that moves. Mice, bugs, and anything that can swarm. The only creature I seem to get along with is the geckos which are so cute 🙂 They remind me of my baby tortoise Simba who is still back home in LA. Speaking of Simba, I also took a trip through the day market once and found in the sea food section lots of live baby turtles and big turtles. Someone bought one and they put it in a bag like a fish 😦 I’m assuming they’re going to be dinner.

Until next time…


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