We may not always see the fruits of our labor, but karma has a way of bringing justice every little place it goes… -Sesa B.T.

Feeling a bit ill, but I don’t regret anything! All the work and love I’ve been putting into these kids the past few weeks have meant more to me than anything. All the hugs and kisses (baby Seke <3) and the germs were well worth the experience. I have become one with my students and one with myself. I know I may never see them again–but I hope the message lives on. We are all together in this battle called life, and love is all we need to make the world better.

Everything in its time. I will accept all things as they are, because this is the way they were supposed to be. Plans change, people let you down, but if there’s good in your heart it will show. Good people will find you, they will help you and you will never be alone.

This is what Thailand has taught me.

We may not alwa…


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