Fashion and Food of Burma


Longyi, a circle of fabric sewn end to end is a very typical piece of clothing work by both men and women in Burma. Though it may resemble a skirt, it’s far from it. It’s difficult to tie and confusing (for me) to bathe in without mooning all of my female students. They come in a beautiful array of colors, so far I’ve worn a blue and red one for bathing as pictured below:20130801-181424.jpg20130801-181436.jpg20130801-181445.jpg20130801-181452.jpg

Food from Burma ranges greatly with some Chinese, Thai, and Indian influences present in a few dishes. One thing I have found interesting is the similarity between some Burmese dishes and dishes in the Caribbean and west Africa. One example is the DELICIOUS fried bananas we had today. They also fry plantain but these were salty sweet perfection made from small baby bananas that were just ripe. Like the one I had for lunch yesterday.


I’ve had spicy, sour, and downright weird food as of today (some sort of zucchini stuffed with egg was for diner) but I really love the fried rice. They mix in soy sauce by hand into white rice, add cabbage and onion (sometimes carrot or egg) and cook it on a huge fire wok. It’s delicious and one pot feeds 60+ people! Talk about economical! Below is the rice we had for lunch yesterday as well as chocolate soy milk.

Healthy and nutritious but there’s not much protein or fat and also not many fresh fruits. Of course balanced nutrition means we need all these things, and students will pick bananas or tamarind off the trees for a snack but I’ve heard some have bad vitamin deficiency issues and sometimes get cramps and become immobile for 30 mins to 3 hours. This doesn’t seem to be a pervasive issue however, and illnesses seem pretty rare overall despite so much exposure to the elements!

I will stay again at love and care school until Saturday and then we are going shopping for the feast on Tuesday! 🙂


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