War: what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.


Yesterday I had a great conversation with Séké over foufou and sauce d’arachide and Youki Moka, I asked him whether he feared a third civil war in this nation. He first proceeded to explain the extent of the war when he was living in Abidjan in 2011 “pendant que quelques gens se battaient, dans l’autre côté de la ville, ils étaient en train de fêter.” Meaning that while some were fighting, others were partying, highlighting the limited nature of the war in this nation. He assured me that he saw no chance in war returning, noting the ongoing construction, notably a few new highway routes meant to improve traffic, as proof that the country was progressing in the right direction.

He continued, “ils ont commencé la guerre pour voler, tu ne vas rien voir les businessmen qui préfèrent prendre armes, ils sont trop occupés! Et quand les voleurs ont finis de voler, ils vont arrêter la guerre parce que il faut vendre tous qu’ils on volé.” He impressed upon me the idea that war and poverty are inextricably linked, and that when the proponents of war had finished stealing everything they wanted, they needed to stop the war in order to ensure that they could sell their loot. He remarked that business people, or employed people in general, are significantly less likely to take up arms as their duties to maintain business had greater incentives.

I want to know more about the civil war that took place in 2011, largely affecting civilians and protestors rather than security figures, as I learn more I will share… Today I am looking forward to confirming my placement as an educator in a local school, I will update as much as possible!



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